Event Inquiry

Loveland can only sell beer to ABC permit holders. If you need a license for your event please apply here for a permit: https://www.abc.virginia.gov/licenses/get-a-license/banquet

You must pay by check at or before the event. The name on the check must match the name or organization on the ABC license.

Event Organizer:


Policies and Laws

  1. You must pay for the beer at or before the end of the event by check. The check must be written from the account of the person OR organization that holds the ABC permit for the event. Loveland does not accept cash.
  2. Loveland employees are not allowed to serve beer to consumers at events- it is an ABC violation.
  3. Once a keg of beer is tapped, or a case of beer is opened, you are responsible for the FULL purchase price of the keg or case.
  4. Keg beer cannot leave the permit site.
  5. Loveland can only sell beer to ABC licenses/permit. You must apply and be approved for an ABC license before the event.
  6. Please review ALL fees for special events here: http://lovelandinc.com/events/our-services
  7. Loveland can only sell beer in the following locations: http://lovelandinc.com/retailers/where-we-distribute

We will contact you to confirm availability for your event. Filling out this form does not guarantee that we will be available for the event. You will be contacted by email for confirmation